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Rainbow Beach Blokes Calendar & Merchandise 

How Rainbow Beach Blokes Calendar came about?

We have had this idea on the back burner for awhile.. but due to a tragedy  in our small Community we knew it was time.

We asked ourselves: how do we start a conversation about mental health? 

Let’s get our local blokes to unveil their strength, their vulnerabilities and to present themselves as raw as emotions can be. And so in April 2022, the idea of the calendar was born. We decided to invite well known locals to be featured in the 2023 Calendar showing themselves in a way people don’t usually see and get uncovered for something meaningful.



Upcoming Events 2023

No upcoming events at the moment
This Calendar is dedicated to Timothy Robert Janek & the Janek Family. 
Gone to soon, 28 years young. 

Drone footage by Rory Sanders Photography 

Aerial View of Surfers
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